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Important Legal Disclosures: Total Deposit Solutions, LLC (d/b/a R&T Deposit Solutions) ("R&T") is not an FDIC-insured institution. FDIC insurance only covers the failure of an FDIC-insured institution, respectively. Certain conditions must be satisfied for FDIC pass-through deposit insurance coverage to apply. Click here for a list of the FDIC-insured institutions with which R&T has a business relationship for the placement of deposits under the Insured Deposits Program administered by R&T ("IDP") and into which a participating institution may place deposits (subject to the terms of the program and any opt-outs by the participating institution and/or its customers). While the IDP program provides access to an expanded level of FDIC insurance coverage on funds placed into the programs (up to the program limit and subject to program terms and FDIC laws and regulations, including pass-through insurance coverage requirements), the IDP program, itself, as well as R&T's other service offerings are not insured or guaranteed by the FDIC, are not deposits and may lose value in certain circumstances as described in the program/service terms. R&T is not a division of the FDIC, R&T is not associated with the FDIC and R&T is not insured by the FDIC.

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